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Saggy Boobs?


Aging gracefully in your 40s can be a struggle for many. We tend to focus on our saggy skin, facial wrinkles, graying hair and our overall changes. But the one thing that many women do not focus on is the amount of strength we still have left in us. I have been asked many times how someone can retain muscle and elasticity to their skin, and it all comes down to the simple fact that you are never too old to lift weights.

Many women believe that if they touch weights, it will bulk them up. It is actually quite the opposite. Unless you have high levels of testosterone, women rarely book up from weight training or resistance training. It is extremely important for women in their 40s to maintain muscle mass and protect their bones. Cosmetically, it will also give our skin some tightness and our body some definition and shape.


With that being said there many exercises anyone can do, in any place with very minimal equipment. Below I will list exercises that target many muscle groups as well as exercise and condition your cardiovascular health.

Push-ups; works the arms, shoulders and chest


Tricep Dips are a great exercise, is performed properly this exercise also engages your chest.


The stability ball allows you allows your triceps and chest to move through broader range.

Planks; this is an excellent exercise to work on your core, improving your balance and your upper body



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100 Days of Thought Provoking Questions- Day 5


I don’t know about all of you but the “Geek” in me cannot wait for the new Avenger’s movie coming out in three weeks.  I guess the reason why I love all these super hero movies so much is because, I think all of us have at one point or another wished we could fly or have super human strength to battle evil…or just the dishes, laundry and know what your family wants for dinner.

I would love to have the ability to make my kids clean their room and brush their teeth for once without me telling them every flipping day.

But all kidding aside, we as women possess super power abilities that sometimes we over look in ourselves. Today’s thought provoking question is for you to look inside of yourself and realize how amazing you really are.


If I can name at least 10 Super Powers I feel I already posses it would be these:

  1. I can walk up the stairs holding my cellphone, laptop, water, laundry basket, wine glass and my cat Loki all in one trip.
  2. I can take care of the house chores, family and workout while  I’m sick as a dog with the flu.
  3. I can unload a dishwasher in less than 3 minutes.
  4. I could carry a baby and hold on to a toddler while carrying groceries up the stairs.
  5. I can go longer than a week without buying  anything from Amazon.
  6. I can eat a cheesecake in under 15 minutes.
  7. I can carry a case of wine with one arm while the other holds a cheese platter.
  8. I can laugh at anything.
  9. I can run to my mailbox and back in 20 degree weather in 1 min.
  10. I can forgive, forget and move on from negative things in my life, but now that I think about it the forgetting can simply be from my old age and senility kicking in.


Geez Marvel is crazy for not using me as their new Over 40 Super Hero… !


I’d love to see what makes you a Super Mom or a Super Woman please share in my comments!




Fit At 40

Protein Shakes

Shake it up!

Have you ever wanted to supplement your diet with a nutritious & beneficial protein shake? You can actually burn a ton of calories just trying to decide which protein powder, (supplement), is best for you. So I have decided to give you my opinion on a couple of variations, as well as what works best for me.


100 Thought Provoking Questions… Day 3

I’m  in a better mood today, so you’re in luck I will not be rambling about my mishaps and promise to focus on my question.

So today’s question has to do with your home, it’s so easy to get carried away daydreaming about a shiny new house, or adding space to your existing place. Home is a sacred place for many, and it’s important to embrace where you live. Write a love letter to your home, sharing all the good that is to be found inside it.

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100 Days of Thought Provoking Questions- Day 2

Here we go.. day 2 of thought-provoking questions.. I’m actually looking forward to answering every question in this book. But to be honest this one might be a bit boring.


As you can see my view looks pretty dim… cold, snowy and birds constantly reenacting  the Japanese Kamikaze scene from the Pearl Harbor Movie. There’s an occasional ninja squirrel trying to get to the bird feeder but he over shoots his jump. That’s it, thats all I got for this question.. I can’t go any deeper.

Ugh my mind is elsewhere and I’m in a bit of a mood, maybe because I had to vacuum the house again today. This vacuuming on a daily basis is getting crazy… I’ve been at it for 2 yrs now and I also have the help of a robot vacuum I’ve amusingly called R2-D2, but it seems it’s never enough.  The reason for my obsessive vacuuming is that I have a Labrador and two cats, so just with the dog alone the shedding is insane. I think I use to like dogs but lately not so much, especially with the shedding and the drooling. Maybe it’s because I’m older now and I don’t have the patience to deal with the maintenance of this dog.  So I look at him with remorse and then I feel awful because he annoys me so much.

Am I an awful person? I sound like an awful person. I can’t believe I have become this person .. a person who loathes dogs because a floating hairball.  I feel horrible … geeze Sarah McLachlan is going to read this one day and hate me. I can see her now, stalking my house singing, “In the arms of an angel.”

I’m heartless .. heartless I tell you…

So yeah .. no deep meaningful thing here today!




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100 Days of Thought Provoking Questions… Day 1

Last year I stumbled across this book at Barns and Nobles, it’s a soft cover field guide called “Bella Grace Field Guide to Everyday Magic.”  It’s a book with 100 questions aimed at self-exploration. I was very intrigued by this and also desperate to find some sort of inspiration to get me writing again for my blog. Well, the field guide sat on my desk along with my computer collecting dust for about 3 months until today.

Today, January 4, 2018 to be exact, I decided to “Get Inspired,” so I grabbed all my blogging magazines, the field guide and watch a whole season of Gilmore Girls and nothing happened. I’ve been sitting here on my recliner for literally 3 hours just watching Gilmore Girls.  I’m on the season Rory moves in with Logan.  While reaching for my 4th cup of a coffee I accidently knocked over my journal and my new Bella Grace Field Guide… could this be a sign?

Just like that I was hit with an idea… why not blog a question for 100 days? This might be a way to really dig deep and for everyone to get to know me. This might even inspire you all to try this book for your own self exploration.


Day 1 –


This is an easy question for me … two songs quickly come to mind, one is #41 by the Dave Matthews Band and A Sorta Fairytale by Tori Amos.



This song means a lot to me .. Listening to it puts me in sort of trance.  The true meaning of the lyrics is about Dave Matthews having trouble with colleagues when he was first starting. To me it means something different.

“Come and see
I swear by now I’m playing time against my troubles, oh
Oh, I’m coming slow but speeding”


We all go through things in life .. good and bad. When I’m overcoming the obstacle in my life I feel as though I have triumphed against yet another one of life trials. “I’m coming in slow but speeding towards something better.

“I will go in this way, and find my own way out”


Sometimes no matter who tries to help or what advice is given .. you have to realize that you  have gotten yourself here and you’re going to be the only person to get yourself out. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s one of those inner growth moments…embrace it.

“Why won’t you ever be glad
It melts into wonder
I came in praying for you
Why won’t you run
In the rain and play
Let the tears splash all over you”


Human Nature 101.. dwell on the negative! We all do it … it takes super human strength not to let the negative seep in, than to just simply look at the positive in things. I feel that this is me yelling at me to stop doing just that. Why can’t I embrace the possibilities of what’s to come. This is where I roll down the windows, breathe in deep, feel the sun on my face and say … “fuck it!”

Life is good .. heck! it’s better than good … and to think this is just the beginning of my adventure.


A Sorta Fairytale


Who doesn’t love Tori Amos? Her songs are sometimes hard to decipher at the start but I feel she writes about her truths in her life. I guess that’s why I love her music so much, even though it might not be what she meant in her lyrics it’s easy to create my own story through her lyrics.

“And I’m so sad like a good book
I can’t put this day back
A sorta fairytale with you
A sorta fairytale with you”

This song reminds me of life and the fairytale we are told or fed when we are little, and even though you know life isn’t a fairytale you still are saddened by the fact that someone or something is not as perfect as you imagined it to be.  Life is full of joys and full of disappointments but that is the beauty of life. The beautiful thing about being human is even though we have suffered we still have the hope the fairytale is real.


Well sorry if this was so long and boring. I would love to hear your answers to this question.. 🙂


Fit At 40

Eat Fat, Lose Fat

No, I am not talking the Atkins Diet, I am referring to the Ketogenic or as some call it the Carb Cycling Diet. Regardless of what you call it, scientific method is the same. Feed your body good fats/low carbs and your body will learn to use stored body fat as fuel.

After reading up on this,  I decided to take one for the team and eat like this for four weeks to be able to give you my experience.
What was the hardest part you ask? Learning to make & drink bulletproof coffee, and limiting your carbs five days out of the week.
So most days I started out with a bullet proof coffee which consist of (black coffee, half-and-half, tablespoon of coconut oil and a tablespoon of butter (pasture raised butter)! This regimen gives the body great fats first thing in the morning after fasting for 12+ hours.
Shortly after the coffee,  I will work out and drink a bone broth-based protein with added super greens, followed by three eggs, spinach and avocado. Sounds like a lot, but remember, I fasted for 12 hours and trained hard!
Next meal is at 1pm.
Lunch is usually similar to dinner, low carb veggies and lean protein. I often do not crave snacks, as my body feels satisfied.
Last meal at 6pm and at 8pm I like to have a nice hot tea to fill the belly.
How did I feel overall? I loved it!!
Some days I was a little tired but honestly, my body responded well and my brain function seemed more clear.
My results? I lost 6 lbs so far…and 1% body fat. That may not sound like much, but my levels are not high and it was only 4 weeks.
Trying to decide if this is something you want to try? 
*Check out this gentleman who is fighting brain cancer on this diet Logan Fusion
* Google some articles to become familiar
* Don’t shy away from good fats in moderation