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Fabulous Succulents

Fabulous and 40


Succulent plants, also known as succulents or sometimes water storage plants[citation needed], are plants that have some parts that are more than normally thickened and fleshy, usually to retain water in arid climates or soil conditions.

I love succulents! They are the coolest plants that come in so many variations and textures and colors. I also love these beautiful plants because they are the only plants I don’t kill easily. I have the worst track record with killing my plants and flowers, but with succulents I look like a pro gardener.

Two weekends ago I found this great vintage sugar mold at a local flea market. At first I thought of making it into a votive candle holder, but soon my creative juices kicked in and my new “Succulent Planter” was born!



Wood Sugar Mold

Succulent Plants

Potting Mix Soil

Glass Votive Candle Holders

Small Pebbles or Rocks


Fabulous and 40

First I measured my Sugar Mold holes to find the right size glass votive to fit inside.

Fabulous and 40

I add a thin layer of small rocks or pebbles to the bottom of my glass votive.

Fabulous and 40

Next step is to take the plant out of its container and insert it into the glass votive. 

Fabulous and 40

If you feel that there is not enough soil for your little succulent in it’s new home,

feel free to add some potting mix.

Fabulous and 40

Add a few small rocks or pebbles to the top of your succulent and Voila!

Fabulous and 40

Fabulous and 40

Fabulous and 40

There you go, it’s that easy! I love how it adds color to my rustic vintage table and room. Nothing make a room feel more warmer than a nice plants or plants like my New Fabulous Succulent Planter.

Please feel free to comment with any questions or more Fabulous Ideas!

Xoxo Victoria

Author: Victoria Alicea


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