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Keep Calm and Eat the Cookie!

Every time I pick up a cookie, this is what I hear in my head….

Watch what you eat!

A moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips!

Eat Less Sugar!

Voices  are yelling at me from every direction not eat the cookie. From the TV,  to  magazines, to Facebook and my mother ..all letting me know how I’m poisoning my body or how I need to watch my weight. Everyone and everything is always telling me what to do.

I get it!!

I know it is important to put only good things in our bodies because it’s the only one we got, but my body is craving a Big, Fat, Chocolatey Cookie of Goodness!!  Yes it’s just a moment of happiness ..but isn’t life just a series of happy moments?


Thank God, in this day and age we are given so many different options on how to prepare food with healthier alternatives.  Stuff like coconut flour and plant based sweeteners are now being used to create the perfect cookie.

Does it taste as good as a sugar drenched cookie? Yes … remarkably yes!

“Life is all about balance, even when it comes to healthy eating. If we restrict ourselves of the things we love, eventually the desire to revert will get the best of us.”  So instead of saying , ” I’m never having a cookie,”  say I am going to bake a healthier version of my favorite cookie. If you don’t bake? There are many healthy alternatives at the supermarket you can try.

This way of thinking can be used in all aspects of your life, not just in the kitchen. We have only one life to enjoy, to experience to live.. do what you love!



XOXO Victoria 

Enjoy Your Cookie! 

Author: Victoria Alicea


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