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Fabulous and 40 Road Tripping! 

Hi everyone,

This is my very first road trip out West with my family, so I’m pretty excited to be sharing it with You!

Get ready to see all the beautiful and breathtaking views of America. The very odd and crazy stuff you see on a road trip, and of course the food pics.. Yum!

1st State


One thing you see here is farms, farms and more farms!

And an occasional green plastic steed on a camper.


2nd State 

This is pretty much what happened in Nebraska.

3rd State 


First stop … Rocky Mountains!

This place is amazing! If you love the outdoors, scenic views and  mountains, you will love visiting the Rocky Mountain National Park .  


When we arrived at the park we decided to go for a hike up to Alberta Falls.

Good thing to keep in mind when hiking in the Rockies is drink plenty of water, wear airy clothes and good sneakers with grip or hiking boots. I wore my Nike Lunarepic Low Flyknit 2 , breathable, super comfortable walking shoe.


Some of the rock formations here were amazing, but this one was my fave.. I call it the sleeping man.

After a long day of hiking and sight seeing we headed into the town of Estes for some good Colorado food. I’m an adventurous eater so of course I had to try the Elk Steak! It was delicious!


Next Stop..

The state of long roads of nothingness and giant wooden Bison silouettes! Only good thing to look forward to was getting to Yellowstone Park.

We stayed at a cute place called  Bill Cody Ranch . At first I was hesitant because the cabin had no air conditioning, but we quickly found out that in the evening the forest gets nice and chilly. Everyone was really nice and the cabins were clean and equipped with a kitchen. The ranch also had trails for horse riding.

After driving all day to get to the ranch, we enjoyed our evening relaxing and having some wine.

This place is incredibly big. It will takes us all day to hit all the spots we’d like to see!


If you love wildlife as much as I do then this is the place to be. I got to see every single animal I’d hope to see, even the wolves. I didn’t get to take a picture of the wolves but I saw them running and separating the elk in Lamar Valley.  We also saw a Grizzly and her cub.  She was behind some trees by the time I jumped out of my car to take a picture.

One thing you see a lot of in Yellow Stone National Park is Hot Springs and Geysers. They are pretty incredible to see. They look beautiful enough to dive into but this natural wonder is deadly. Just by standing close enough to take a picture you can feel the intensity of the heat.

And the most famous geyser of all … Old Faithful!


Next day we decided to go to the Grand Tetons National Park.

Snow cap mountains in July! Jackson Wyoming was just beautiful. On our way out of the park we were able to capture how beautiful the sunset is here.

“For purple mountains Majesties”

Next Stop…. 

OK those who know me know I am a big sci-fi fan and Close Encounters of the Third Kind is one of my favorite movies, so when I knew I was actually going to see Devil’s Tower I was super excited!!

Ok ok I’ll stop with the pictures of my favorite place.. :)!

Next Stop….

I hate to say but South Dakota is a whole other planet. Our first stop was to see Mount Rushmore at night, but all my pictures came out fuzzy so we drove by in the morning to get a better look.

Mount Rushmore isn’t the only carved monument that you should see. The Crazy Horse Memorial is pretty amazing. It’s not finished  yet, but you can see how grand this going to be once it’s completed.

Our next stop is the Badlands….

Being in  the Badlands makes you feel like you are on another planet. The formation of the rocks and the colors are just spectacular.

I was super excited about seeing the last of the animals I needed to see… the Bighorn Sheep!

I have to say this was one of the most interesting trips I’ve ever done. Discovering the beauty of America was pretty amazing.

This trip has taught me so many important things too:

  1. Bug spray is a must!
  2. Bear Spray is a must!
  3. Wear super comfortable clothes on these long trips.
  4. Don’t eat at all the fast food places because you won’t fit into half the clothes you brought.
  5. Try to ignore the kids as much as possible so you don’t kill them, leave them at a one of the bathroom stops or throw their phone out of a moving car.


XOXO Victoria



Author: Victoria Alicea


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  1. Susan Young

    Love this, especially the comments about the teens! We loved Yellowstone, too. Those crazy pools are so colorful but deadly…I think I read last year that someone actually fell into one and died. Happy to see you out and about and enjoying life!

  2. Teh Ben

    Awesome photographs! Going west is the way to be. The last time I took a road trip, it was to Detroit, and the only good photos I got were of somebody getting mugged and a body floating in Lake Erie.

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