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Advice To My Twenty Year Old Self

With my birthday coming up this week, I have been asked by several people  to blog about what my 47 year old self would advise my 20 year old self.

Dear Victoria,


Stay away from white wash jeans. They were never a good idea…ever!

Keep being creative .. you will use it in the future.

Stay away from “Stiff Stuff.” That crap is flammable!

When that person offers you that job in the Fashion District.. take it.

Invest in a company named me!

Stop trying to make everyone happy! The only person you need to make happy is yourself.

Get into exercising.. your 47 yr old butt will thank you.

You are going to marry the wrong person, it will be a very hard for a few years but still marry him. You will have two amazing daughters with him. (FYI ..light at the end of the get divorced!)

Stop worrying so much about your future. Everything always has a way of falling into place.

Eat good clean foods. Stay away from processed foods, your body will thank you.

No matter how many times your heart gets broken… never lose the desire to love.

Don’t ever feel the need to impress anyone, no one is better than you.

Take as many chances as you can. Beautiful lessons are learned from taking chances.

You will be single for a long time…it’s ok, the right one shows up when you turn 45!

Life experiences are much more important than things.

Be kind and compassionate.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes..just don’t make them again!

Don’t hold grudges.

Be silly.

Eat Chocolate!

Drink Wine!

There are so many things I’ve learn through the years that I wish I would of known them when I was younger ..but the reality is everything that has happened in my life has brought me to where I am now ..  Life is Perfect!




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