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Three Great Spots for First Dates in Glen Ellyn

Dating at any age is hard, dating at 40 something is excruciatingly hard! Now that online dating sites are the top goto places to meet people, what’s considered the first date is more like a first meet. When I was single, I found that the hardest thing to do was to trying to figure out where I could go on our first meet without putting a lot of pressure on me or the man I was meeting.

If you live near or in Glen Ellyn, IL you’re in luck. The town of Glen Ellyn has a couple of places you can go to that are both safe and fun for that online first meet.

Wine and Cheese Please!

Who in the world says no to wine and cheese?


This Glen Ellyn gem Marché is just the place for a casual but classy place to sit inside or outside for first meet. It’s a great place for a glass of wine and a fabulous cheese board you can both share and have great conversation. I personally like the idea of doing something that is fun but quick. The worst thing in the world is to be on a first date that’s not going so well and be stuck having dinner with no excuse to use for escape. I also like that this is located in the heart of town and right next to the fire station for safety purposes.


Tacos and Margaritas

A Toda Madre , this Mexican Bistro is just Fabulous! This trendy joint has a great vibe you can feel as soon as you walk through the door. The food and drinks here are amazing. The bar is a great place to meet for drinks and you can even have one of there unique tacos there. If your date is going great you can stay for dinner, if not you can tune them out and enjoy the atmosphere.


Eat, Drink and Visit

Maize & Mash

Next stop is the new Maize & Mash. This place is really fun with it’s industrial decor, great food and creative drinks. The atmosphere is hip and the shareable menu is just perfect for a first date or first meet.

First dates can always be a bit nerve wracking, so try not to have any expectations that can add to the stress of meeting a potential love interest. Meeting new people is fun be it romantic or just friends.




Author: Victoria Alicea


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