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100 Days of Thought Provoking Questions- Day 2

Here we go.. day 2 of thought-provoking questions.. I’m actually looking forward to answering every question in this book. But to be honest this one might be a bit boring.


As you can see my view looks pretty dim… cold, snowy and birds constantly reenacting  the Japanese Kamikaze scene from the Pearl Harbor Movie. There’s an occasional ninja squirrel trying to get to the bird feeder but he over shoots his jump. That’s it, thats all I got for this question.. I can’t go any deeper.

Ugh my mind is elsewhere and I’m in a bit of a mood, maybe because I had to vacuum the house again today. This vacuuming on a daily basis is getting crazy… I’ve been at it for 2 yrs now and I also have the help of a robot vacuum I’ve amusingly called R2-D2, but it seems it’s never enough.  The reason for my obsessive vacuuming is that I have a Labrador and two cats, so just with the dog alone the shedding is insane. I think I use to like dogs but lately not so much, especially with the shedding and the drooling. Maybe it’s because I’m older now and I don’t have the patience to deal with the maintenance of this dog.  So I look at him with remorse and then I feel awful because he annoys me so much.

Am I an awful person? I sound like an awful person. I can’t believe I have become this person .. a person who loathes dogs because a floating hairball.  I feel horrible … geeze Sarah McLachlan is going to read this one day and hate me. I can see her now, stalking my house singing, “In the arms of an angel.”

I’m heartless .. heartless I tell you…

So yeah .. no deep meaningful thing here today!




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