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100 Thought Provoking Questions… Day 3

I’m  in a better mood today, so you’re in luck I will not be rambling about my mishaps and promise to focus on my question.

So today’s question has to do with your home, it’s so easy to get carried away daydreaming about a shiny new house, or adding space to your existing place. Home is a sacred place for many, and it’s important to embrace where you live. Write a love letter to your home, sharing all the good that is to be found inside it.

Hmm, a love letter to my house.. this might be tricky. When I first met this house, I was horrified. Wall to wall paneling, Tan and green sculpted carpeting and light maple floors…yikes! Spending time in this dark and gloomy house was depressing. Just imagine, wall to wall dark paneling with so many different types of wood. It’s was like a forrest came here and decided to throw up here.

Here are some pictures so you can what I had to deal with:

Yikes right?

Well, I was lucky enough to be able to remodel this house last year any way I wanted. You would think I was nope I was horrified. The pressure of remodeling a house makes it very permanent . I needed to make sure that whatever changes I made I better be super happy with. What if I did a major change and later hated it? YIKES!

Dear Lodgerama,

When we first met I thought you were nothing to write home about. You came across so cold and dark. It felt as if you had years of drama and baggage just overspilling inside you. You seemed hardened by time, it was so hard to get close to you and see the real you.

I decided to just take baby steps with you. Sometimes small acts of kindness brings out the best in some. So I spent a week slowly brigtening the walls and hoping you would feel better.  The more time I spent with you, the more I saw through your facade and noticed your inner beauty and warmth.

Wall after wall came down … beautiful light shined right through you.

I fell in love.

Once I had been able to see you in a different light I knew you were where I wanted to be, where I was meant to be.. you are my home.

Your beauty is endless, you are strong and caring. You protect me when life throws me storms. You comfort me and keep me warm when the world is cold.

I can’t not imagine a life without you.

Let’s grow old together and make beautiful memories…

How the house is turning out.. 🙂


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