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100 Days of Thought Provoking Questions- Day 4

Been back for 2 weeks now from my wonderful vacation to Mexico and I’m sitting here looking out the window thinking  ” It’s flipping snowing again..ugh!”

Yeah yeah.. I know .. I wanted to move up here..but for some reason the thought of snow was nicer last year, this year not so much.

We all have gifts we can offer the world. What are yours?

What do I give to this world worth mentioning? hmmm

I asked my husband this question and he said I gave him the gift of tamales for lunch and that was worth mentioning. Thanks babe that was deep.

Geez this is hard, I think many things I do on a regular basis is a gift to this world, but that’s just my bias opinion.

Here is a list of what I consider are my gifts to the world:

  • My awesome sense of humor.

I really have a great sense of humor. I also enjoy making people laugh when they are around me.

  • Creativity

This world is made beautiful by those who see it in many different ways.  I feel that my creativity gives the gift of insight, warmth and love to those who look upon it.

  • Amazing advice skills

One thing I know I’m good at is listening to people and giving them advice, only if they want it. It feel good to know I helped someone in their time of need.

  • Fashion Skills

I have definetly improved many peoples lives with my fashion skills, my husband is one of them. Poor man was lost in the world of horizontal striped polos and jeans that could fit two people in them.


What are the gifts you offer this world? I would love to hear what you all have to say so feel free to comment below!


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