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Three Great Spots for First Dates in Glen Ellyn

Dating at any age is hard, dating at 40 something is excruciatingly hard! Now that online dating sites are the top goto places to meet people, what’s considered the first date is more like a first meet. When I was single, I found that the hardest thing to do was to trying to figure out where I could go on our first meet without putting a lot of pressure on me or the man I was meeting.

If you live near or in Glen Ellyn, IL you’re in luck. The town of Glen Ellyn has a couple of places you can go to that are both safe and fun for that online first meet.

Fit At 40

How To Be Stress Free!

A husband, two teenagers, a dog and an Italian family…

How can I be stress-free?

Actually I am not!

There are many parts of my day where I worry or stress about something, however it’s not that often. I try to always focus on the good. I believe in Karma and feel I’m such a good person to others, so it’s not normal for negativity to come my way.

I am also a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason”.  The good, the bad or indifferent, these incidents are experiences we are meant to have, to learn from and move forward. Although it is not easy in  certain circumstances, its extremely necessary.

At my age I’ve learned not to dwell on things. I do not overthink things. I am one that likes to let it go and forgive. I never forget, I’ve learned not to hold on to something I cannot change. Life is too short and my mind has limited space for negativity.

Here are some examples of how I keep myself and my surroundings positive:

1. Instead of getting angry or upset, take a step back and look at each individual situation. Don’t react until you have determined if it deserves your reaction

2. Hot Tea ☕️ has so many medicinal properties.Try having a cup of tea at the most stressful time of your day. My top 5 teas for relieving stress are Valerian, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Cinnamon and St. John’s Wart.

3. Having different activities & interests to do during your day are great ways to pull you away from the negative nonsense


XOXO Jennifer

Fit At 40

Breaking Up with Gluten!

OK let’s be real, this Italian girl loves her pasta, bread and cheese! However, six years ago I decided to go gluten and dairy free to be proactive with my health.  There are many gluten-free options out there, so many that actually taste close to the real thing. But I soon realized some gluten-free options were full of sugar and chemicals to make it more palatable. That’s when I decided to simply eat cleaner. If nature made it, I will eat it! Nothing from a box!

Fit At 40

You Want Results? It Takes Time!

So you started a new routine and decided to change some things in order to take better care of yourself.

Working out four days a week and watching the sugar and alcohol and you still haven’t seen a change… Patience is key.
Any sudden change is an adjustment to your body.

For example, sometimes you actually retain water before you see the bloating disappear. Consistency is key! It won’t happen overnight, although we constantly dream it will. It’s a process that requires dedication and discipline.

For many years I rewarded a “great week” with celebrating over the weekend. Was I truly rewarding myself with crappy food and alcohol….no! All I did was take two steps back. I was sabotaging myself for years.When I finally hit a healthy weight/size and I learned how to maintain it.

Recently I felt I was no longer satisfied with where I am and knew I had to change things up. It’s not that I want more results, it’s that I have more work to put out! I love challenges and accomplishments…I live for them.
So I decided to make adjustments to my workouts and diet, in order to shake things up and better prepare me for the Spartan races and everyday workouts.

” Your body loves change, although many of us do not. We have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable to see results.”

Here are some tips for a better you:

  • Start small and make easy lifestyle changes! It’s easier to accomplish small realistic goals and it keeps you motivated.
  • Beverages containing sugar should be avoided. Drink water instead, infuse it with lemons…Yum!
  • Avoid using sauces and dressings on your food, they can add unwanted calories in the form of sugars and sodium. Use Oil and vinegar instead, keep it simple!
  • Aim to drink 125oz of water a day.

These small little changes will soon become a habit and a wonderful journey to a better, healthier you.

XOXO Jennifer