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Change..Life’s Unexpected Gift

When we were young, change was easier to handle. It didn’t mean we partiqularly liked it, but we were more apt to adapt to whatever changes came into our lives. To accept change and move forward was sort of a right of passage to growing up and becoming adults.

Change in our 40’s is not a welcomed thing, maybe because the changes at are age could be something like losing your job, getting divorced or finding out you are not in good health.


Every time my life was about to go through a major change, I sorta freaked out for about a minute. Seriously who wouldn’t? It’s a normal human reaction. When change is forced upon you it is better to embrace it with a open mindset. Change is a natural occurrence and also a necessary one. Change gives us the opportunity for growth, it also enables us to see things in a new perspective. If you keep these things in mind you will be able to navigate through the changes in your life with acceptance.

Sometimes change comes with an inner restlessness … a small voice inside you that keeps calling you, pushing you towards a new direction.

For the past few months I have be struggling with ideas for my blog. I felt as if I couldn’t really connect with what I was posting  on Instagram or writing on my blog. I love fashion so I thought I would post and write about that passion.. but overtime I felt as if it fell short… it wasn’t full filling. Don’t get me wrong, I am still a fashionista and a foodie for life!

Since I’ve been in Illinois, with my new family, life and home I have been joyfully thrown into the renovating of my house. The house has a unique look kinda lodge, kinda stuck in the 80’s, kinda WTH! The outside of the house is very woodsy which I love. When we decided to give this old gal a face lift I was a bit overwhelmed, but also excited to make this a home for all of us. My main goal was to keep some of the lodge style charm but also combined it with a bit of modern. This whole project has taken over a year and we are still at it. All I can say is that this is my happy place. I knew I loved to decorate but doing both decorating and renovating has been a dream come true. I also have a love for antiques and hunting for unique finds at flea markets and giving it a new life. I love baking… lots of baking. I love cooking with my husband and trying out new recipes. I love sitting in front of my fireplaces, all 3 of them. I love watching the trees welcome the seasons with their kaliedescope of colors. I love sharing my experiences be it good or bad and also sharing how I cope with it. So in the following weeks my Fabulous and 40 site and my Instagram will be going through some changes too .. good ones I promise.

Life is good…ahh maybe great, and my inner voice is telling me that I need to share what’s in my heart and soul with you all. I feel that if my post makes you smile or cry or wonder or hope then this is what I was put here to do. So forgive me for all my rambling but what I’m trying to say is that I have decided to take a new direction with Fabulous and 40. I want to share my home life, how I keep my sanity in my new life, how I handle the changes that come with turning 40. How I  make my home a cozy, comforting place and how you can too. I want to move you and inspire you. My goal is to share how life at 40 (or 40 something ) can be pretty amazing.

So this is how I embrace Change…it might be scary but it can also be very rewarding.

Thank you for joining me on this new journey!






Fit At 40

Fad Diets vs Better Eating

If there was a magic pill to lose weight, would you take it? Do you fall for every new diet fad hoping for a different outcome than the last one? Have you ever wondered why most Fad Diets don’t work for you?

The most important thing when trying to improve your health is your approach and purpose.  Why have you decided to respect your health and make lifestyle changes? If you’re not doing it for yourself, chances are your success rate will be compromised. We must decide to put ourselves first in order to stay dedicated, motivated and disciplined.

Secondly, we need to be willing to try out new things. Not one diet is the right blueprint for everyone. You have to look at your lifestyle, your current eating habits and your food restrictions. You have to be willing to make sacrifices, remain regimented and disciplined with these new eating habits. Making small changes and food swaps is the easiest way to be consistent and successful.

Lastly, but most importantly, follow a meal plan that makes you feel great. If restricting carbohydrates makes you have less energy, even though you’re eating a substantial amount of fruits, vegetables and protein, then that may not be for you.  If a high-protein diet is something you want to try out, but your body is just not responding well to it, you may be doing more harm than good.

The best measurement to see what “diet plan” works best for you is how your body forms and feels each and every day. It’s not about the scale, it’s not about the weight loss, it’s about your overall well-being.

 Simple swaps for a healthier well-being

  • Drink water instead of sugary drinks
  • Eat oatmeal instead of processed cereal
  • Pick healthy protein sources instead of protein shakes/bars (although these are convenient)


XOXO Jennifer

Fit At 40

Break the Cycle: Scale Obsessed

Do you weigh yourself on a daily basis?

Do you strip all your clothes off, so its the lowest number possible?


Come on, we’ve all done it!  But is this an accurate measurement of progress? To me the best measure of progress has to be how I feel both inside and out. I tend to measure by three things: how do your clothes fit, does your skin glow and how do you feel over all?

The scale is a great tool to use when you’re just getting started, but it can also be a frustrating instrument when trying to reach your goals.

     As women, our weight fluctuates on a daily basis. We can thank genetics and hormones, oh and those impulsive trips to the pantry when we are under pressure. However, once you get a handle on your diet and exercise regimen, you should start seeing a change.

Sometimes our bodies retain water and hold on to weight, if the calorie deficit is too low. Therefore, you can diet for a whole week and never lose a pound. I think it’s much easier to get a healthy baseline, use it as a guide, and eat as many clean foods as you can until you have reached your caloric intake for the day. This way, it will be a lot easier to maintain this type of lifestyle. It is no longer a diet, it is just the way you eat. Try eating food that keep you full longer, doing this will help with the urge to snack on unhealthy stuff in your pantry and overeat.

So with that being said, although the scale is a great way to document your starting point, there are many other ways to truly see your progress.

Key points:

  • Daily fluctuations happened to all of us. Don’t get discouraged by what you see from one day to another.
  • Use waist circumference and other body part measurements to track your progress
  • Don’t put the scale on a pedestal…it’s not always accurate


So remember this, if you weigh yourself at 135 lbs starting today and after training a month from now you are still 135 lbs but your waist measures a smaller size, that’s progress! Keep that in mind the next time you step on that scale.



Love & Life

Three Great Spots for First Dates in Glen Ellyn

Dating at any age is hard, dating at 40 something is excruciatingly hard! Now that online dating sites are the top goto places to meet people, what’s considered the first date is more like a first meet. When I was single, I found that the hardest thing to do was to trying to figure out where I could go on our first meet without putting a lot of pressure on me or the man I was meeting.

If you live near or in Glen Ellyn, IL you’re in luck. The town of Glen Ellyn has a couple of places you can go to that are both safe and fun for that online first meet.

Fit At 40

How To Be Stress Free!

A husband, two teenagers, a dog and an Italian family…

How can I be stress-free?

Actually I am not!

There are many parts of my day where I worry or stress about something, however it’s not that often. I try to always focus on the good. I believe in Karma and feel I’m such a good person to others, so it’s not normal for negativity to come my way.

I am also a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason”.  The good, the bad or indifferent, these incidents are experiences we are meant to have, to learn from and move forward. Although it is not easy in  certain circumstances, its extremely necessary.

At my age I’ve learned not to dwell on things. I do not overthink things. I am one that likes to let it go and forgive. I never forget, I’ve learned not to hold on to something I cannot change. Life is too short and my mind has limited space for negativity.

Here are some examples of how I keep myself and my surroundings positive:

1. Instead of getting angry or upset, take a step back and look at each individual situation. Don’t react until you have determined if it deserves your reaction

2. Hot Tea ☕️ has so many medicinal properties.Try having a cup of tea at the most stressful time of your day. My top 5 teas for relieving stress are Valerian, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Cinnamon and St. John’s Wart.

3. Having different activities & interests to do during your day are great ways to pull you away from the negative nonsense


XOXO Jennifer

Fit At 40

Breaking Up with Gluten!

OK let’s be real, this Italian girl loves her pasta, bread and cheese! However, six years ago I decided to go gluten and dairy free to be proactive with my health.  There are many gluten-free options out there, so many that actually taste close to the real thing. But I soon realized some gluten-free options were full of sugar and chemicals to make it more palatable. That’s when I decided to simply eat cleaner. If nature made it, I will eat it! Nothing from a box!